Vendor & Design Professional Information
The Springfield Antique Show and Flea Market strives to create tremendous value for our vendors.  Whether it is one of our 2000 vendor plus Extravaganzas or one of our monthly shows, we go the extra mile for the most important part of our show- you.  You may download exhibitor contract pdf’s below.  The contract answers the basic who, what, where, when and how much questions.  We will attempt to explain the basic concept of the show in the section below.

Tell me about the spaces-
We offer two main types of spaces, indoor and outdoor.  Indoor spaces are in one of four buildings and full information is detailed on the inside space contract below.  The outdoor spaces range from completely outdoor spaces to covered barn type spaces.  Please look at the outdoor space contract and call for information.  Please also note that the sizes on our outdoor spaces are approximate.  As we are located on a fairground, there are utility poles, trees and other obstructions on the grounds.  When booking spaces, please indicate the size and type of vehicle so that we may insure that your booked spaces are appropriate.  We can accommodate large vehicles, but knowing ahead of time will help alleviate potential issues.  If you are travelling in a small vehicle (car/minivan) let us know as we may be able to find a slightly irregular space in a prime location.

Tell me about the shows-
Please check the complete show schedule on the calendar page, but let us explain the show schedule.   Extravaganzas are our largest shows which feature a 3 day format in May, July and September.  The May & September shows typically feature 2000 vendors and a paid gate in excess of 20,000.  The July show features nearly 1000 vendors.  The rest of our outdoor shows (April, August & October) usually have 400-700 dealers.  Our indoor season (November, January & March) utilizes our indoor spaces.

Tell me about the grounds-
The Clark County Fairground occupies over 100 acres and formerly served as an airport in a past life.  The main building complex is located at the intersection of old runways.  It is conveniently located just a few hundred yards off Exit 59/I-70 and has hosted the show since its’ inception, nearly 40 years ago.

What will I see there?
The name, Springfield Antique Show and Flea Market, is an accurate description.  The show probably consists of 80% antiques and collectibles, 20% flea market.  We work hard to insure that this mix is maintained and believe strongly that our market should have something for every customer.  Whether that customer is looking for a high end antique for their home or collection, or simply looking for some nursery stock or something unique, they will find it at our show.

The show as a decorating/design resource-
Over the years, the show has become a resource for decorating/design professionals.  We can say with confidence that our design customers are constantly amazed by the quantity, quality, variety and PRICING of what our vendors turn up with.  Whether working in Industrial, Arts & Crafts, Steampunk, Country, Shabby Chic, Modern, Art Deco, Kitsch or almost any other imaginable style, you’ll find material in abundance at Springfield.  The bonus is you are finding it at a grass roots level, which normally means reasonably priced.  Many gallery buyers from both coasts and everywhere in between frequent the show.  Come join us, you won’t be disappointed and neither will your clients.

Newsletter Subscription

Upcoming Show Reminders! Discount Admission for Select Shows! News and Stories about Upcoming & Past Shows! Photos-Videos and Much More!

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