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X________________________(hereinafter applicant) applies (and agrees to be bound by the terms set forth in this document, if accepted) for booth space for the purpose of displaying and selling merchandise at Glendale Town Center, Indianapolis, Indiana or Ritz Charles, 12156 N Meridian, Carmel, IN on one of the above stated dates.
Space Fees Glendale: ___________ $125 for 18’ wide by 17’ deep space
___________$225 for each a 15’ by 15’ tented space
Space Fees Ritz Charles ___________$125 for each 18’ by 17’ outdoor space
___________$125 for each 10’by 10’ indoor space
Deposit- 50% of fees, balance due with contract 2 weeks prior to show date to guarantee space. Space is limited.
• The exhibitor is solely responsible for the security of his/her own merchandise both during the show and after hours.
• Applicant agrees to hold Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace harmless on any agreement, dispute, controversy, or lawsuit concerning any item sold, displayed, traded or in any manner exchanged during or as a result of the show.
• Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace shall not be responsible for any loss that may arise to the Applicant, his employees or his goods
• Pricing and terms and conditions in this document are subject to change.
• Must not display any items in violation of U.S Trademark Law. (i.e. knock-off purses, sunglasses, clothes, etc.)
• Subletting of space is prohibited.
• Management has the right to revoke spaces and cancel reservations. Items sold must be in compliance with local laws and ordinances. Dealer shall not operate in a discourteous, unprofessional manner, sell prohibited items including illegal firearms, assault rifles, fully-automatic weapons, wild animals, pornographic material, food, drinks, modern items made from endangered species, or items violating trademark regulations or any other item found objectionable by management.
• The exhibitor agrees to hold management and Glendale Town Center harmless against any accidents causing harm to either person or property while on the grounds.
• Parties agree that this application and contract shall be interpreted and enforced pursuant to the law of the state of Indiana.
• Agree to leave space in as found condition- pick up trash.
• Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace may cancel this contract any time by written notice to the applicant. If Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace cancels the contract, the Applicants application fee shall be returned and Applicant waives any rights to damage beyond the return of the application fee. All fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
• Attendance at booth during entire open times-event is rain or shine
• No early packing
• Merchandise must remain in confines of display area


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